The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Families with Kids

7 Nov

It’s tough to keep your home clean without a vacuum cleaner. They are the most important things you would need in a household. Be it a small studio or a huge apartment, it is a life-saver when it comes to cleaning every nook and corner of your house.

two little sisters together playing on the floor of a livingroom

Everybody needs a vacuum cleaner – whether it be cleaning your office or home, it offers you one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it. And if you own one of the Shark vacuum cleaners, you have one of the best and most innovative vacuum cleaners available today in the market. They are user-friendly, and you can do everything from running it to maintaining it yourself – no need to call in professionals every time you want to repair or clean your vacuum cleaner.

However, the cords of these vacuum cleaners can be damaged at times, especially when you’re cleaning, and it can be a hassle to get it replaced. Removing the power cord itself can be a tough task and if you aren’t careful, can end up damaging the vacuum cleaner itself. If you are looking to buy the best vacuum cleaner for families with kids, you need to know this.

Replacing the Cords of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Wouldn’t it be better to have another solution? Thankfully, we have a quicker, easier and perhaps far more effective replacement guide so that you can replace damaged vacuum cleaner cords easily. By following these simple steps, you can easily save a lot of time and money by avoiding a visit to the repair shop.

Remove the old power cord from your vacuum cleaner

The first step is to replace the old power cord from your vacuum cleaner that isn’t working. This is done in 3 simple steps.

  1. By accessing the Motor Wires section in your Vacuum Cleaner

In order to remove the cord, you need to ensure that the wires are removed from the motor.

– First, inspect the power cord fasteners as well other fasteners to make sure what needs to come off. This will help you to access the motor easily. – Always remove the cleaner’s brush roller and the belt to make the motor free from any disturbances. – Finally, roll it to one side in order to expose the wires of the power cord underneath.

  1. Separating the motor and the old power cord wires

The next step involves separating the motor from the old power cord. You need to ensure that the vacuum cleaner isn’t connected to any power source while doing this.

– First, analyze the orientation of power cord wires. – Make sure you understand the style of the power cord. – Write or draw it on a piece of paper, so you don’t forget the design.

  1. Separate the Vacuum and the old power cord wire

Now, you can separate the old power cord. Here is what you have to do. Clearly, just the separation of cord wire from the motor is not enough.

– You need to separate it from the vacuum as well. Make sure all the remaining cord retainers are removed from the vacuum. – You need to carefully transfer the pieces from old cord to the new cord as a next step. – After retaining the useful pieces, pull the old power cord away from the vacuum cleaner.

Emptying Your Vacuum Cleaner


But don’t worry; emptying the dustbin is a very simple procedure. Just follow our step by step guide and emptying it and keeping it clean, so you don’t have to worry about it.

  1. The first step is to clean the rotating brush

In order to do this, you need to first take your vacuum cleaner and lay it on the ground in order to make sure your rotating brush is visible. You can then put a little sheet or a waste towel to get all the dirt out on it.

Make sure that there are no strings or strands of hair that entangle your machine. In case you see something like that, and then use a scissor to cut them away.

  1. The second step is to clean the canister

Normally, it is fine even if you just empty the dirt, but as a good practice, you can try to do something more than that. You can try to clean the canister with soap and water at least once a month. You can use warm water with some soap in it to make sure it is cleaned properly.

Just cleaning it with water might not be as effective. There are no electrical connections in this part so you can submerge in soapy water to get the best results. After finishing the cleaning, you can open the two ends of the canister and leave it outside to dry completely.

  1. The third step is to clean the filters

You will find one or sometimes more than one foam rubber filters or felt filters when you remove the canister. You can take them out gently and make sure you place them in the right order so that it is easier for you when you are assembling them back.

Once you have placed them out, gently wash the foam as well as the felt filters. You need to be very careful while washing them in order to avoid them from getting damaged. However, it is important to remember that you need to first dry the filters before they are ready to be placed back. You can put them outdoors to make sure that they are dried completely.

Final Verdict

Once you are done with the cleaning, you can start to put them back in the same order as you took them out. A monthly cleaning will ensure that your shark vacuum cleaner lasts very long and give you the best results.Take out all the stuff that is not necessary and clean it thoroughly. This will also ensure that you vacuum cleaner can help you with all your home and office cleaning needs without any worries.

Whether you have a family, or you’re single and living alone, it’s a must to choose among the best rated vacuum cleaners. Living with a pet? Then you need to learn more about the best vacuums for pet hair. On a budget? Don’t let that stop you. Choose from this link:

Why It’s Important to Have Quality Family Time

28 Oct

Most families don’t spend enough time together due to obligations they have and lack of time. However, this should be the priority because communication within a family has a crucial impact on the psychological and social development of children. It’s also extremely important for spouses to maintain communication and avoid alienation in a marriage.

Spend quality time with your family


If you decided to spend some time with your family, keep in mind that sitting in silence and watching television is not the right way to do it. Use this time to talk to your family members, get out for a walk or play sports.

Why family time is so important

I’ve noticed that when I spend enough quality time with my family, I feel much more positive in other aspects of my life. It gives me much needed motivation for each day. Children need this more than adults. When you dedicate time to listen to them, it builds up their confidence and feeling of belonging. Children who don’t get necessary attention and support while they are young, often become withdrawn and feel confused and sad.

How to build strong bonds in your family

Family members often start drifting apart, so it’s of utmost importance to prevent this from happening, or to work to improve this issue if it occurs. There are effective ways that will help you remain close to your family members.

Set aside family time

Find time which you dedicate solely to your family. Turn off your phone and don’t make any other plans for that specific period of time. We are all sometimes so busy that we forget what most important things in life are. So, find time in your busy schedule for your loved ones.

Find one-on-one time too

Smiling baby eating two ice cream horns

Besides spending time with your entire family, you should also dedicate some alone time with your kids and spouse. Take your kid for an ice cream and listen to what is being said. This will mean so much to your child as it will feel safe to share what they think and feel and confide in you if they have a problem. Also, spend time with your spouse. It’s a common problem that married couples at some point in their marriage stop communicating effectively, which often leads to bigger issues and sometimes divorce.

Find common ground

Find an activity that will be interesting for all family members. You can play with puzzles and games, sing with karaoke, play a sport or anything else that you entire family will enjoy.

Be present

When you are with your family, do your best to really be present. Forget about work, turn off your phone and forget about replying to emails — be there to talk and listen.

Be a role model



Being a parent is difficult. Many people struggle with this and occasionally make mistakes. But, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach your child how to think and behave. Do this by communicating effectively and by behaving appropriately. Children respond more often to our behavior than our words.

Be supportive

When you notice that your child has an issue or has come across some sort of difficulty — be supportive as much as you can. Criticizing children when they fail at something might make them feel not capable enough or less worthy. Remember to provide advice and never shame your child.

Try to dedicate as much quality time to your family as possible. Your family members are the most important people in your life, as well as you are in their lives.

Life Savers for Busy Moms (and Dads!)

27 Oct

Being a parent can often be difficult and stressful. In addition to cooking and house cleaning, you need to attend school meetings, drive your kids to different activities and help with homework. On top of that, if you are working your life can become hectic.

However, there are ways to be better organized and decrease stress while trying to juggle different tasks each day.

Go Hands-Free

You can use technology to your advantage. With a headset using Bluetooth or similar technology, you’ll be able to deal with appointments, phone calls and scheduling dates while driving. You’ll be able to do all these tasks without any safety issues. You can use the same headset while you are working around the house and cooking as well. If your kids are very little, you’ll be able to finish a lot of work-related stuff even when you’re changing your baby’s diaper. This is a staple item for busy parents.

Eat Chocolate


Most people, who try to stay fit, avoid eating chocolate. This is a mistake however. Chocolate especially the dark type with a high percentage of cacao contains antioxidants, decreases blood pressure and reduces stress levels. This is all thanks to cacao phenols. So, enjoy dark chocolate and reap the benefits.

Paint it Pretty

Colors are proven to have a therapeutic effect on a person’s mood. Carefully choosing colors in your environment can have a big influence on how you feel. Spa centers are known to choose soothing colors that promote relaxation. The color that is thought to contribute most to increasing positive thoughts and relieving stress is blue. Try painting your space with a blue paint. Other colors that have similar effects are purple and green. Avoid red, orange or yellow colors because these are uplifting and stimulating.

Read, Listen to Soothing Music, Watch Films


Try to do enjoy art each day. No matter if it’s a good piece of literature or music do anything you love that will make you happy. If you are a fan of comedy series, it’s always a great way to have a laugh and relax. Dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to laughter and singing and it will do wonders for your mood.

Start Meal Planning

This is a relatively new trend, but it’s getting more and more popular and with a good reason. Meal planning and prepping will save you so much time during the week. Make lists and needed ingredients for each day of the week. You can prepare some of it for the following three or four days. It’s a great time saver.

Visit a Good Chiropractor

With a lot of physical activity, running around and lacking quality sleep, most parents have problems with back, shoulder and neck pain. Therefore, treat yourself with a massage occasionally. This will relax your muscles and relieve pain and make you feel recharged for new daily challenges.

Keep a Small Wallet


Busy parents are prone to carrying a lot of things with them wherever they go. They often carry more than they need. If you have a big bag, it will somehow always be full. The same goes for the wallet. So carry a small wallet that can only contain the documents you really need. The less stuff you carry, the less stressed out you’ll feel.

Claim Your Quiet Time

You need to have some time just for yourself your alone time. Let everyone know you need this and deserve this this will help you sort out your thoughts and feelings and recharge.

These are some of the much needed techniques for every busy parent that can help them remain sane when the stress gets the better of them.